An idea that sparked out of fascination

A hero shooter with a multicultural pool of characters

Big boxes of fancy colours that swallow your tokens and make it hard for you

Although I was just a kid when I played in all the Arcades I have been to, regardless of which country I was living in at the time…

The most recent thing that caught my attention

As the name may or may not suggest, you play as a stray animal in this game, a stray cat, to be specific. But what…

It’s basically the go-to language

Anyone familiar with shows such as South Park and Family Guy and, more recently, Invincible (never has a superhero show, animated or…

Anyone, remember MapleStory?

Like all weird video games, it started in Japan

If I had to come up with a cool metaphor, “Visual Novels” are basically books trying to masquerade as video games. I don’t know what year it started exactly, but in the beginning, it was an esoteric subject, something that stayed within the boundaries of Japan. Of course, since they relish in an exotic culture, something like a video game where all you have to do is press…

The Only Bad Guys Were Humans In This Game

It was supposed to go places, but it didn’t work out

What was supposed to be the starting point of an ambitious project ended being…

Like swimming in an ocean of air

Jeffrey McGee

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