A Plague Tale — Like watching a French movie

I would say that it sounds better in French

Some years back, I don’t exactly remember when (maybe it was 2018?) there was this game called A Plague Tale: Innocence. There wasn’t much spectacular to say about the game; it played generic the story wasn’t all who-knows-what. Something about a plague during the Inquisition or something, with a lot of rats here and there. In terms of gameplay, you manipulate the rats to solve puzzles and manoeuvre between levels. The game didn’t particularly strike me as “distinct” in any way. But there was one reason why I remained until the end, and it wasn’t for the gameplay or the story.

The dilemma is either immersion or convenience, but it shouldn’t be this way

The feature to have the game in French is not the default option (again, in English-speaking locations). There’s clearly an issue of immersion in the game since game developers are used to players taking their games in English since it’s the most convenient matter, even when the game in question takes place elsewhere than America or Britain or any other Anglo-Saxon country. But that’s only because of what game consumers are used to since, when it comes to the movie business, each country has its own, so French movies will most likely not be in English. But with video games, it’s like America and Japan monopolised it completely, so if it’s not in English, it’s in Japanese and vice versa.

I say, why not both?

It goes like this, design-wise the game should take place in a country with a dominant demographic of English-speakers. This way, the language argument is pretty much moot. Unless, of course, the game doesn’t take place on Earth, in which case I don’t know what languages there will be since I don’t alien.

But what say others?

There are groups of people that need to be asked, for sure. First, game designers, about how this works from a gameplay perspective. Second, gamers, about how they would perceive a game if they got it first in a language other than language.

In Conclusion…

I do not recommend playing the game since it didn’t stand out as noteworthy at all. But if you want to play the closest video-game equivalent of a French movie, then it’s probably this game. But the question is, will it be interesting enough to keep you through to the end?