Aven Colony — A Game That Takes Place in the Future… and That’s It

I am really desperate to find new games

So as people may or may not know, I don’t use Steam, but instead, I use the Epic Games Store, and I have this library of god-knows-how-many games, most of which I got for free never played and probably never will play. One of those games is called Aven Colony, and I have no idea when I downloaded it as it happened to be in the library. So I thought, “this game looks somewhat interesting so let’s see what it’s about”, and these were my conclusions…

The Game is like eating a plain ol’ vanilla ice cream because it’s tasty and sweet, you can’t help but feel like you had it before, and I’m sure most people have had their share of vanilla ice cream over their years. The game doesn’t bring anything new to the table in terms of basic gameplay. It’s supposed to be a simulation game of sorts where you are tasked with managing a space colony, and there’s a ton of micromanagement. Same old same old, and the usual crap here and there. What’s the problem? Well… I guess that there was no future dialect… or something.

Vanilla ice cream… what did I tell ya?

Now, I didn’t get what was up with the space colonials in the game because they just seemed to walk around the space corridors with no purpose whatsoever because I heard them talk here and there, and they rambled about stuff I couldn’t care more about.

Anyway, let me just say that they didn’t speak in any future dialect, which I would be expecting from a game in the future on terraformed planets. Then again, I’m expecting too much from this game, but I’ll give this a shot anyhow…

Anyway, here’s the shot…

But let’s say that these are genetically engineered humans, similar to Voyagers, that one movie that came out recently about teenagers doing shenanigans in space, and not a really good movie at it. Anyway, in this scenario, they would probably be educated from a young age to read books and speak correctly, never cursing and always complimenting. In this regard, it’s less of a dialect and just more of a manner of speech.

I’d write an entire language for it if it were me because my future game would be in the year 2326. At that point, Middle English had long been a forgotten concept already, and people spoke a new language called Future English. I still need to work on the grammar, but right now, I got nothing, as I don’t even know what kind of words this Future English will contain, but it’s something that I should into… just not now.

Did it taste like vanilla ice cream to you?

In Conclusion…

As for the future dialect, I want to work on it, but as I have a heap of bullshit to tend to, I probably won’t get far writing this future dialect. Then again, after the last time I wrote a language for my book, I don’t think I’ll write another conlang in the near future… hehe… get it?

Anyway, I really enjoyed trying out random games I never heard of that somehow managed to make their way to my EGS library. Anyway, I’ll do it again next time with… Thrustpunk? Did I pronounce it right? Ah wait… that’s Frostpunk. That sounds a heck of a lot less dirty. Ah well…



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