Dead by Daylight… Again — The Most Popular Game without an Esports Division

I am GRINDING this game right now!

It’s not so often that I revisit a subject I wrote about before. Aside from this article, I only ever did it once. But who knows, maybe I’ll do it a third time. Maybe soon and maybe not… but until that happens, I want to talk about Dead by Daylight[1] … again.

So I already said what this game is about, and I’m surprised that it had been out there for so long without me playing it… because this game is really wicked. I never thought there could be a game that had the power to replace my love for League of Legends. That is, until I come back to it, which always happens eventually. But until that happens, I think that Dead by Daylight might’ve reinvigorated my love for PvP online games. This game is so clever in its execution that every character makes me feel like I’m playing a different game every time. For once, I don’t feel I have to be on auto-pilot because most of the gameplay is braindead, as I am required to use my wits to overcome my opposition. However, I will admit that people in the game tend to goof around too much — probably because the developers aren’t doing a lot to solve it. The game is still great, though.

But even more so, what I especially like about the game is the feeling of invincibility one gets (me, mostly) when playing as the Killer. You’re not invincible per se, but you can’t die either, and you’re the only one who can kill in the game. Not only that, but since you’re alone against four players, the responsibility is all yours, whether you win or lose, because you can’t blame your nonexistent teammates. Maybe this is why I really enjoy playing as the Killer, but I get shit done when I do things by myself (it’s just how it is). And yet, I feel like the game could use something extra… like an Esports division, maybe?

Why isn’t this an Esport?

The popularity of Dead by Daylight is peculiar; it’s among the most popular trends on Twitch, always somewhere at the top while maintaining a consistent viewer base. On the other hand, it’s a game that, despite its popularity, for some reason, doesn’t stand out too much, but it remains an esoteric success. I have been grinding this game religiously for the last four months since it came to the Epic Games Store, and even though I’m really satisfied playing it, I always feel that this game should have more like it’s missing something basic.

Now, I’m not one to indulge in Esports, but since playing as the Killer does mean that the responsibility is solely on the player, I thought maybe I’d give it a shot in Dead by Daylight. The thing is, Dead by Daylight doesn’t have an Esports division. Heck, the game doesn’t even have a ranked mode. I don’t know what the developers stand is on this, but they don’t seem like they want to expand beyond the game’s current business model. Regardless, this means that I won’t get to climb high in the pro leagues as the best solo Killer ever… at least that’s what I hoped for.

Also, it’s important to remember that many of the characters in the game are, in fact, licensed characters from popular horror movies/games, so having an Esports division might not be as easy as it seems when you consider the legal issues. Then again, if the developers wanted an Esports division, then they probably would’ve already found a solution to it.

Just get an Esports division

I’d be happy to pitch in ideas to make Dead by Daylight better, but if they gave me that kind of luxury, then they’d have to do the same for everyone else who wants to pitch in. But they can’t, as it all depends on what the game developers want.

Regardless, I think they should get an Esports division already since the game has been out for five years already, and it doesn’t have one yet. Of course, as I said, it all depends on the developers and any legal/technical issues that prevent that from happening. Regardless, what happens is not up to me, so I won’t delve further into it. But I suppose that the game’s ranking could use a bit of polishing… or just a downright improvement.

However, it would seem that the developers don’t want to go that far. Why? Bullocks if I knew. I suppose you could say that they probably don’t want to go in over their heads not to lose the consistent, if not esoteric, success as a studio because nobody wants to end up like Telltale Games. So I guess you could say… suit themselves. After all, it’s their game.

What’s your take on Dead by Daylight and Esports?

I think it would be interesting, especially if I could become a pro with my skills alone, with no dependency on incompetent teammates. But you should also say your opinion… so go ahead.

In Conclusion…

This was the second time I wrote a second time about an article I visited before (I like this sentence). Other than that, I don’t know what more to say besides recommending that you should play Dead by Daylight… because you should. I fell to its popularity, and I hope others will too.

So… Esports? I would say something, but it’s already established that it’s not up to me, or anyone else for that matter. I think it would be great for the game, but who am I to decide?

Anyways, I’m off to play as Michael Myers. Toodles.

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