Inventing a New Genre in 5 Minutes — Can I do it?

I will need your constructive criticism for this!

Ok, so… I have never done this before where I just try to write down an entirely new genre. Just so you know, I am improvising here, so don’t be surprised if the game’s rules don’t make sense because it’s only a first draft. But what this will prove is that coming up with new ideas is just a creative game of mind that can be used to stimulate people’s imaginations. Of course, I will need some constructive criticism on how plausible this is because if I keep to myself I won’t be able to make it better.

Also, considering the irregular structure of this article, I’ll dedicate most of it to explaining a new genre that I came up with on the fly, so there might be more or fewer words than usual… or not. Anyway, enjoy.

I call it… Wounded Beasts… but it’s tentative

First of all, I need to establish the core feature I want to centre my game — called Wounded Beasts (you’ll understand soon) — on. Since I’ve been talking about it recently, it may or may not come as a surprise that the most defining feature in the game would be the genre of Character-based Online Game, which is a genre that doesn’t exist. At least, not yet.

Being a CBOG, the game will be an online multiplayer game with an ever-growing selection of characters. That’s something that is very important to remember. I’m not sure how fast new characters will be produced, but the goal is to make the most in as little time as possible. Now let’s try and create the rules.

I see this as a multiplayer, PvP game, meaning that players will be competing against each other. There are 4 players present in a game, and each game is separated into four stages, but everything happens on the same map.

The players assume the roles of warriors who undertake various tasks in the game, and each warrior has a unique power that benefit them in some way during the game.

In the first stage, they must set out to a forest and find a beast. Since the beasts are also part of the CBOG formula, the players can choose which beasts they want to be part of the game. Once the beast has been found, the player can either befriend and ride it or slay it and absorb its powers. Finding the beast yields a greater reward. Much like the warrior it is associated with, each beast has a unique power that can benefit both it and the warrior. Once the beast has been dealt with, the warrior will use their newfound friend/power to cross a huge lake that separates them from a city under attack by a giant monster, which all the players will fight later on. But remember, this is a CBOG, so there will be an ever-increasing number of giant monsters to fight, but I just don’t know how to incorporate it.

The second stage starts once the player has reached the city in disaster. The players must save as many civilians as possible, and every giant monster offers different situations and enemies to deal with. But the players are still competing against each other in this stage, and they must use whatever they have at their disposal to save all the people.

Once no more civilians are left to rescue, the giant monster will reveal itself and face the players, forcing them to put their differences aside temporarily and unite to defeat it. This commences the third stage. Now, I’m not sure if the monster is also a player that plays a different role or is it an AI, and the warriors will fight it like a typical Monster Hunter scenario. It’s an interesting problem since the game is a CBOG, but this is the big bad we’re talking about. Again, this is just a tentative brainstorm. Regardless, the players fight the giant monster.

Once the giant monster has been slain, the fourth and final stage of the game commences. All the players face off against one another, and the last person to stay alive wins.


That’s more or less the format of the game. As you can tell, it requires a lot of work if this will be plausible. Then again, I did come up with this in mere minutes.

So yes, do tell me what you think, as I genuinely want to know what I missed with this format. Or maybe I didn’t? Anyway, I’ll leave you to it. Cheers!



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