My Quest for CBOGs Continues… But What about Genshin Impact

It’s like Pokémon, but with waifus instead

I found myself disoriented and confused at a random point in time and place. So, when actually was it? Recently, that’s when it happened… that I realised there aren’t enough CBOGs (Character-Based Online Games) in the video game market.

Examples of such games are League of Legends, Overwatch, Dead by Daylight, Warframe, Apex Legends, and probably others that don’t pop in my head right now. The point is, they all have a lot of characters to play as, and that’s what I find exciting about them. But there aren’t many CBOGs, and even though I knew it, I still tried to find more, and here’s what I found.

This game’s kind of a hit right now, God knows why. Yes, I’m talking about Genshin Impact.

Now, I don’t know what makes this game so popular. I get it; it’s free; that’s the best part. But still, I tried out Genshin Impact on two different occasions; one was two years ago, and the other was yesterday, and in both cases, it didn’t take me more than an hour to drop the game. Not only that, but I never quite understood what was so fascinating about the game. To me, it seemed like a waifu collection that jumps around a lot and does magic. I’ve been told it takes inspiration from Breath of the Wild, but I haven’t played it, so it doesn’t mean much to me (yes, yes, blasphemy; someone who hasn’t played BotW). Anyway, I got bored quickly. I wanted to know if Genshin Impact was a worthy CBOG, but I couldn’t get past the first cinematic sequence, so I just borrowed my brother’s account for an hour to get an impression of the meat of the game because he was already halfway done. Frankly, there doesn’t seem much going for it, and this is what I mean…

A worthy CBOG?

In my continuous search for more CBOGs, I have considered Genshin Impact as a candidate for what I consider a CBOG, even though the game is single-player, but I was running out of ideas, so I said, ‘what the hell’, and did it anyway.

Genshin Impact has many characters and a high frequency of character releases, with seven characters released since the beginning of 2022. By comparison, League of Legends releases roughly five characters a year. That’s relatively high considering other games release fewer characters and far less frequently than Genshin Impact. But this is probably only possible because the characters don’t do much to differentiate themselves from one another.

Right now, there are roughly 50 playable characters in the game and counting. The flashiest visuals a character can produce come in the form of a single special attack and a single stronger special attack, as everything else just feels like they share the same elements. Imagine a lot of hippos, and that every hippo wears a different costume. On the outside, they all look different, but in essence they’re all still hippos, and that’s how the roster of Genshin Impact feels like, just a bunch of hippos wearing weird attires.

There isn’t much to discover, and Genshin Impact is not one of those games that incite players’ curiosity. From my perspective, the game seems like a waifu collector. I suppose that people will continue to enjoy the game for what it is, and, for whatever reason, they like playing it. But if one is looking for a CBOG, there are better options than Genshin Impact. Not that anyone cares, though, and I would provide my ideas for what I would like to see, but as I usually say, it’s not my game. Anyway, as a CBOG, Genshin Impact doesn’t really stand out.

Why do you like playing Genshin Impact?

I suppose that you have your own reason for as to playing the game, and it’s probably not because of anything related to CBOGs because that’s mostly me. As usual, I will keep this article short because there’s nothing more left to add. But why do you play Genshin Impact? I really need some perspective as to what makes this game so special because I can’t grasp my head around it.

In Conclusion…

Genshin Impact is not a game to consider as a CBOG, but if you want to play it for any other reason, then be my quest ’cause I didn’t like it. On no occasion was I able to play for more than an hour because I wasn’t entertained by the gameplay. But it’s popular anyway, so who am I to judge?

Other than that, I have nothing more to add on the subject. The game really doesn’t suit me and I don’t know what this comparison to Breath of the Wild is because I never played that game. I’ve been told that it’s a good game, but I don’t know that since I don’t own any Nintendo products, and I don’t plan to. Perhaps in another life, I guess… but not right now.

Come to think of it, Genshin Impact would probably be more enjoyable if it actually was about hippos in costumes. Now that’s a rad idea!



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