Rumbleverse — A Fistful of Fortnite

I swear, games today…

Judging by the name, you’d think that this game is gonna be big right, I mean, the characters are big, but I don’t know how popular a “Fortnite with a twist” it has become. There are many battle royales right now, and much like the MOBA craze of 8 years ago, give or take, many of them will just wither into cancellation once the developers realise there isn’t really room for more MOBAs… I mean battle royales. But while this game lasted, it was a quirky experience.

Although I can’t say that there’s anything spectacular in Rumbleverse, as the game is basically Fortnite with fists instead of guns. The game’s humour also does nothing to alleviate the “been there done that” feeling you get from playing it, as the commentator who won’t shut up clearly took all his notes from a 4th grader, because I would only laugh at these jokes if I was 9… which I’m not. The game’s irresponsiveness makes it somewhat frustrating to get into a brawl with other players, mainly because you never know if your punches will hit this time, and the guy only winning simply because he has faster internet or just because the game doesn’t know how to recognize hitboxes. Either way, I couldn’t say that the character design does anything to help, as most of the characters you’ll encounter in the game are luchadores in a Speedo and for some reason, they all run weirdly. If there’s one thing I did enjoy in the game, it’s the animations, especially when performing super moves. Needless to say, it’s not really enough to sustain me when the overall experience is basically what I had with Fortnite, except with people suplexing each other all the time.

But what was it like?

I’d rather just collect stars than punch people

That’s pretty much the whole experience I had with 20-something games. One interesting feature is that in the waiting room (which is, again, a cruise ship) is that you can destroy the balustrade simply by moving into it. This redundant feature I found more fascinating than the entire game itself. I was bummed that I was actually in the queue for a game because all I wanted to do was wreck the balustrade.

My advice: just play Fortnite. I don’t play it but if you like it then knock yourself out… or get knocked out by someone in Rumbleverse.

Were you a luchador in Rumbleverse?

In Conclusion…

If nothing else, the soundtrack is entertaining… but that’s it.



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