Sleeping Dogs — Thug Life in Hong Kong

You play as a Hong Kong native who never speaks Cantonese

So this game is highly underrated because even though it was good enough to demand a sequel, it never happened. I’m sure there’s some video on YouTube why a sequel never happened, but it was a pretty solid game and a fun experience in general for the one game that made it. You basically play as a cop going undercover in the gangs of Hong Kong, where you solve your problems with fists, guns, and your authority (because you’re a cop, albeit undercover). I liked it so much I went the extra mile to get the platinum trophy (back when I thought trophies were cool), and I had like 10 of those.

But enough history lessons; if you want to check the game, then do it. On to the problem because I have a headache and I’m just dying to end this day.

Like I said, he doesn’t speak Cantonese

Although I could say that there are many problems with languages, I could say that it lacks authenticity since they communicate by speaking a different language. I could also say that it acts as an introduction to Cantonese, and I am good with what “pokkai” means since the characters repeat it a lot (apologies for the poor Romanisation since I have no idea how Pinyin works). Not the kind of problems that I haven’t talked about before.

In truth, the real problem isn’t how they talk or what they say, but the fact that nobody bothered to make a sequel for this game. That right there is the real travesty.

So what could’ve been?

But what I also understood is that the developers were actually working on the sequel before it was shelved or something because they had to shut down or something like that. What needs to be asked is any game that could make the sequel good, as in “what mistakes happened in the first game that shouldn’t recur in the second?” but all of that doesn’t matter since the game is dead. I, personally, don’t think there’s hope for a sequel. And frankly, some things are better left in the past.

Frankly, there isn’t a solution here. I’d like to believe that there’s a parallel universe where Sleeping Dogs is an international hit, but I can’t be too sure of that. Besides, I don’t care enough to check it out. As I said, some things only stay pretty if they stay in the past… or that’s how I think I said it.

If you were a fan, say your thoughts

In Conclusion…

I see no problem with any language issues whatsoever. If the characters want to be weird by understanding each other with different languages, I just find that hilarious. The game is good enough as it is, so it might as well provide some tongue-in-cheek elements. Of course, most people will just play the game because you play as an undercover cop, not because of his choice of language.

A sequel is nice, but it’s not happening. But talking about the game was fun since it allowed me to reminisce about a period when it was easier to play video games. But now… not so much.



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