The Umbrella Academy — Superheroes… but it’s Weird with Time Travel

A tale of seven misfits and their jerk of a dad

I’ve been making a lot of TV discoveries lately in that there are some interesting shows that came out recently, and I could name them all if I just remembered what I watched in the last month. Once, TV shows used to be a goal, but now they’re just a distraction, and there’s plenty of distraction going around nowadays because of all those streaming services. In fact, just recently, I finished watching the 3rd season of The Umbrella Academy. Is it good? Definitely! Is it great? Arguable… but it’s a fun watch nonetheless.

For those who haven’t heard of it for whatever reason, The Umbrella Academy tells the story of a dysfunctional family of incompetents — an adoptive father who’s a jerk of the highest order and his seven adopted children, each with their superpower.

Somehow, they keep finding themselves in a situation where they must save the world. No, the apocalypse theme repeats itself quite a lot in this show, and the frequent uses of familiar tropes, such as time travel, but the quality of the show to debate. However, it’s probably more inclined towards positive reception. Anyway, they try to save the world over and over. That’s what the show’s mostly about.

But one of the more interesting aspects of the show is that with it being based on a comic book, it’s normally assumed that the show follows the source material. However, I noticed that the TV adaptation is not only a separate canon in itself, but also catching up to the source material. It makes me wonder how much creative liberty the writers had with the show, and was it good?

How loose can an adaptation be?

Now, let me start by saying that I did not read the comics nor am I interested in doing so. But from what information I could find about the comics, I’m getting the impression that the TV adaptation is as loose as it can get. The time period in which the story is set has been changed entirely, characters have different facets (different powers, different history, etc.), and the plot seems completely detached from its source material in that it almost feels like a different story altogether, but it’s still the same story. I know, it’s weird.

More so, I also noticed that the comics took a break in the middle, before resuming some years later. Regardless, the TV show caught up quickly and it doesn’t look like the comics want to move fast to create some distance. Of course, since this is an American production it’s not really relevant, but if this was an anime, they would use fillers to make sure that the adaptation doesn’t get to close in story progression to where the comic is… in the story. I know, it’s complicated idea and I’m a weeb for even comparing it to anime, but I couldn’t help it.

In any case, what does that mean for the TV adaptation of The Umbrella Academy? I suppose that means they’ll have to create their own storyline if they go beyond what happened in the comics. Not that it matters too much since the show was already standalone from the comics. That’s also similar to anime in how some created an original story instead of relying on fillers (one good example is Fullmetal Alchemist). Again, I’m a weeb, but what do I think about the deviation from the main comics? Frankly, I don’t care that much. I’ll watch the show regardless because I’m already curious about what the hell is going on in that show.

Who is your favourite sibling?

I don’t know about my favourite, but Luther is a bit of a teddy bear in that he is big, fluffy and huggable, if not a bit annoying like the rest of them (Luther is the first of the siblings). In any case, as per my usual routine in these recent times, I’m going to keep this article short, and I might keep that up right now… depending on my mood, of course. In any case, be sure to leave your thoughts on everything The Umbrella Academy offers.

In Conclusion…

The Umbrella Academy is a good show if not a bit unusual and a tad iffy. I found most of the characters hard to like but there were some to enjoy. Although when it comes to shows about superheroes, I prefer The Boys.

The Umbrella Academy will either branch out from the comics and become its own canon entirely, or take a long break to allow the comics to gain ahead, like how they do with anime. I can’t predict which will happen and frankly, I don’t care that much because I’ll watch it either way. The show’s good enough and entertaining to stay until the end. Although, I’ll be honest some parts can be skipped.

All that’s left to do now is wait for season 4…



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